President’s Blog, March 2016

Posted on March 18, 2016

Here in the southern hemisphere the daylight hours are becoming noticeably shorter and the nights cooler. For our northern hemisphere members Spring is gathering momentum. Whether you are live in the south or north, this time of the year usually means notifications of abstracts being accepted for upcoming conferences, registrations, planning of travel and accommodations. This year there are numerous biomechanics conferences and meetings and ISB will have a significant presence at many of them.

The ISB executive council will hold two days of meetings just prior to the American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) conference in Raleigh, North Carolina (August 2-5). ASB is an affiliate society of ISB, which affords them the opportunity of having an ISB sponsored keynote speaker at their meeting. As I mentored in my last newsletter, Professor Tibor Hortobagyi has accepted the invitation to be the ISB keynote and I know many of us are looking forward to hearing his address.

The Canadian Society of Biomechanics (CSB) is also an affiliate society of ISB and this year ISB has agreed to sponsor a keynote speaker for their national meeting, to be held at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario (July 19-22). A relatively recent Past President of our Society, Professor Julie Steele, will be giving that address.

Last but by no means least, ISB will have a significant presence at this years International Society of Electrophysiological Kinesiology (ISEK) meeting in Chicago (July 5-8). Professor Scott Delp will give an ISB sponsored keynote and there will be a combined ISEK-ISB symposium during the conference. The ISB Motor Control Working Group will also be holding a symposium in the afternoon prior to the Opening Reception.

I am also pleased to say that many of our ISB councillors and members will be attending other northern hemisphere meetings such as the European Society of Biomechanics Conference, The American College of Sports Medicine Conference, The European College of Sports Science, and the list goes on...

I'm also pleased to be able to tell you that a significant amount of planning has already taken place for the XXVI ISB congress to be held in Brisbane between the 23rd and 27th of July, 2017. Hopefully you are all receiving the ISB2017 e-zine, have bookmarked the IBS2017 website and downloaded the ISB2017 App. Key dates have been posted and an outline of the program will be available very shortly. For those attending this year’s ISEK or ASB meetings, make sure you make a note in your diary to attend the ISB2017 hosted social events. A free of charge drinks and snacks event will be held during the ISEK conference (right after the ISEK-ISB symposium) and a free of charge Aussie BBQ Night (North Carolina style) will be held during the ASB conference on the Wednesday night.

To close my column on a more academic note, I thought you might like to watch a Ted Talk by Professor Auke Ijspeert from the Biorobotics laboratory at EPFL. Professor Ijspeert talks about his robot that runs and swims like a salamander. I think this is a nice example of how the fields of biomechanics and motor control can intersect to help understand complex problems. I hope you enjoy it.

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