ISB tutorials attract over 170 attendees in both tracks

Posted on July 4, 2017

This year’s tutorials at ISB provide updates on MRI and ultrasound imaging techniques, on exoskeletons and multiscale modelling for biomechanics in various research topics. Prof. Lynne Bilston discusses MRI methods for musculoskeletal, resipiratory and neurological disorders but also shares her career path as a female biomechanist. Prof. François Hug lectures about conventional and novel ultrasound techniques and gives practical demonstrations with Dr. Dominic Farris and Dr. Bart Bolsterlee. Prof. Peter Hunter will introduce multiscale modeling and demonstrate the use of the Physiome Project framework for interpreting physiological measurements of the musculo-skeletal system. A/Prof Greg Sawicki presents a roadmap for the design of lower-limb robotic exoskeletons with live demonstrations of unpowered elastic ankle exoskeleton.

Currently there are over 170 registered attendees in both tracks, with tutorials at near capacity. There are some places left, however please register now to ensure that you can secure your place.

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