ISB at ASB: Sponsored Keynote by Prof Tibor Hortobagyi

Posted on December 19, 2016

As Program Chair for the 40th annual meeting of ASB subtitled “Building a dynamic future on the strength of our past”, I was delighted when ISB agreed to sponsor a keynote speaker at our special anniversary meeting.

Dr Hortobagyi’s ISB keynote lecture was titled “The Biomechanical Plasticity of Human Gait in Old Age: Gait Speed the 6th Vital Sign”. The lecture was presented in the plenary ballroom to enable all attendees to hear from this international expert in the biomechanical plasticity of gait. Dr Hortobagyi’s lecture was a thorough and interesting presentation of his work in the important field of healthy aging. He provided great insights towards understanding the complementary roles of gait biomechanics and neural control of movement in studying neuromechanical adaptations to activity. The lighthearted anecdotes of individuals Dr Hortobagyi has met who embodied the concept of healthy aging were great illustrations of what we can all aspire towards as we move further down the years!

Dr Hortobagyi’s lecture was very well-received by the conference attendees, as attested to by the many and varied questions posed at the end of the talk. The question and answer period at the end of the lecture was a great opportunity to ‘pick the brains’ of this renowned researcher and great speaker.

To the delight of conference attendees, in addition to sharing his research during the keynote lecture, Dr Hortobagyi attended many of the scientific sessions throughout the meeting. He fully participated in the sessions by contributing his opinion and expertise to many of the discussions of the work of others. This was an excellent demonstration, particularly for junior members, of having a true passion for knowledge and for moving science forward.

On behalf of ASB, I sincerely thank the Executive Council of ISB for providing this excellent educational opportunity for our members.

Clare Milner

Program Chair for the 40th annual meeting of ASB

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