ISB2015 Award Winners

Posted on September 30, 2015

We are delighted to announce the following awards, that were presented at ISB2015.


David Winter Young Investigator Award 2015 – Poster

Robert Eberle

University of Insbruck

Dept. of sport science

Insbruck, Austria

“ How to generate injury prone to situations for non-contact ACL injuries”


David Winter Young Investigator Award 2015 – Podium

Kelly A. Larkin-Kaiser

University of Calgary

Dept. of Kinesiology

Calgary, Canada

“Lager isoforms of titin are associated with increased sarcomere length and servity of hip displacement in CP”


Clinical Biomechanics Award 2015

Andrew Tan

Northwestern University

Dept. od Neuroscience


Tan A. et. al: Cortical Modulation of TMS included across joint kinetic synergies in the post stroke lower limb


Promising Scientists Award 2015Ross Miller, PhD

University of Maryland

Dept. of Kinesiology and Faculty of Neuroscience



Emerging Scientist Award 2015

Shota Haigo

Kyoto University of Japan

Laboratory of Neuroscience

Kyoto, Japan

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