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Posted on December 22, 2014

One of the most interesting programs of the ISB is the Affiliated Societies, this program pursues the aim that ISB can serve as a parent society that can contribute to the development of Biomechanics Societies of national and even regional level. The ISB has an annual budget of 10 000 USD assigned to support the implementation of national and regional Scientific Meetings  in Biomechanics, particularly by helping to fund the presence of international researcher members of the ISB to be guest speakers at these conferences and also supporting the prizes to be awarded to young researchers (YIA). In 2014 ISB supported the Congresses of Biomechanics Societies of the following countries or regions; Australasia, Poland, and Bulgaria.
You can see below pictures of oral presentations in YIA competition at the Congress of the Bulgarian Society of Biomechanics as well as pictures of the delivery certificate YIA of the 9th Australasian Biomechanics Conference (ABC9) which was presented to the winner by Toni Arndt. Another picture shows Toni Arndt that was the invited speaker supported by ISB at the ABC9, with his parents, who attended his keynote address (a very special occasion for them).


ISB would like to reinforce our link with all the Affiliated Societies and to provide support for the development of Biomechanics on your country. We have particular care for the possibility to help to support the Young Investigator Awards on your national events that we think could contribute for the development of outstanding research in our field.


To submit a proposal for support for both the invited speaker and YIA were the following information should be include:

1- For the travel support for a Keynote Speaker

  • Name of the proposed keynote speaker that needs to be a member of ISB, including a short CV and acceptance (email or letter)
  • Abstract of the conference
  • Budget for traveling and accommodation
  • Affiliated Society will need to include Information on the web site of the conference and also on the conference program acknowledging the support of ISB for this invited Speaker conference.

2- For the Young Investigator award

  • Brief note explaining the procedure for the award selecting process
  • The Prize should be named ISB Young Investigator Award.
  • The support of ISB should be acknowledge in the program and webpage of the conference.


After the congress ISB should receive a small report to be included on our ISB newsletter and additionally some photos of the conference from the invited speaker supported by ISB and also from the ISB YIA award ceremony to be also include in ISB Newsletter and ISB website.

The amount for each of the grant are:

Invited Speaker: 2000 USD

YIA: 500 USD.


ISB would like that more and more Affiliated Societies could benefit from this support and obviously that this support could be a way to strengthen the links of your Societies to ISB.


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