Minutes of the 2013 ISB General Assembly

Posted on September 27, 2013


Ton van den Bogert (TvdB; Chair), Toni Arndt (TA; Minute Secretary), Julie Steele (JS), John Challis (JC), Andrew Cresswell (AC), Genevieve Dumas (GD), Veronique Feipel (VF), Andrea Hemmerich (AH), Hae-Dong Lee (HDL), David Lloyd (DL), Darren Stefanyshyn (DS), Marco Vaz (MV), Antonio Veloso (AV), Antonia Zaferiou (AZ), Graeme Wood (GW; Treasurer)

Ed Chadwick (EC), Kelsey Collins (KC), Catherine Disselhorst-Klug (CDK), Bart Koopman (BK), Alberto Leardini (AL), Philip Rowe (PR)

Marko Ackermann, Kamiar Amimian, Kai-Nan An, Chris Baten, James Becker, M. Ferdinand Bergamo, Maarten Bobbert, John Borstad, Katherine Boyer, Silvia Cabral, Felipe Carpes, Federico Casolo, Erik Cattrysse, Laura Chernak Slane, Nachiappan Chockalingam, Luis Eduardo Cofré Lizama, Carols J. Cortes-Rodriguez, Ryan Crews, Emmanuel Souza da Rocha, Dirk de Clercq, Mark de Zee, Zachary Domiro, Åsa Fröberg, Augusto Gil Paswal, Wendy Gilleard, Caroline Giroux, Allison Gruber, Celina Guadagnin, Gaël Guilhem, Lan-Yuen Guo, Lanie Gutierrez Farevik, Elizabeth Hardin, Rob Herbert, Walter Herzog, Emma Hodson-Tole, Wouter Hoogkamer, David Howell, David Karpul, Peter Keir, Suzanne Konz, Berthold Krabbe, Marcos Roberto Kunzler, Lilian Lacourpaille, Mario Lamontagne, Matthew Lane Holmes, Rachel Lenhart, Li Li, Huub Maas, Lawaiyim Mansourou, Jill McNitt-Gray, Vera Moniz-Pereira, Sébastian Moya, Carmen Muller-Karger, Bridget Munro, Andrew Murphy, Roozbeh Naemi, Benno Nigg, Antoine Nordez, Matthew Pain, Andrew Phillips, John Rasmussen, Philip Riches, Mary Rodgers, Dieter Rosenbaum, Heiko Schlarb, Nicole Schrier, Sorin Siegler, Ricardo Peterson Silveira, Nicholas Tam, Chris Tys, Jaap van Dieén, Eliane Vassilios Vardaxis, Markus von Kossel, Sylvie von Werder, Sybele Williams, Chia-Chi Yang, Ron Zernicke

Please accept apologies for misspelt member names. I have done my best with the handwritten attendance list provided. Toni Arndt

1. Welcome

(Ton van den Bogert)

Meeting opened by TvdB at 18:52.

All ISB members were welcomed to the General Assembly.


2. Apologies

Fred Yeadon, Scott McLean


3. Approval of the General Assembly minutes: 7th July 2011


Moved: Ton van den Bogert; Seconded: Benno Nigg

 “That the Minutes of the ISB General Assembly held in Brussels, Belgium on July 7  2011, as reported in ISBNow (September 2011 issue), be approved.”

 Approved unanimously with no business arising.

4. President’s Report

(Ton van den Bogert)

Summary of council members’ activities last two years:


  • Revision of Operating Codes
    • Congress, Technical groups
  • ISB Representative
    • ESB Lisbon 2012
  • Knowledge base & communication
  • Committees
    • EDC, grants, awards
    • U.S.  bank account
    • Biomch-L


President Elect:

  • ISB2015 (Glasgow)

Archives Officer:

  • History of ISB
  • Donated materials
  • ISB Proceedings

Conference Awards Officer:

  • ISB Awards

Student Grants Officer:

  • 2011-2013: 58 grants awarded
  • 28 congress travel grants (CTG)
  • 8 technical group travel grants (TGTG)
  • 10 matching dissertation grants (MDG)
  • 14 international travel grants (ITG)
  • $92,000 (U.S.)

Informatics Officer:

  • Website upgrades
  • Biomch-L
  • Advertising
  • Social media

Publications Officer:

  • ISBNow newsletter

Affiliated Societies/EDC Officer:

  • EDC committee
  • Communication with EDC projects
  • TATCOT visit
  • EDC Congress Travel Grants
    • 20 awarded, $26,050
  • EDC workshop at ISB 2013

Tutorials and Education Officer:

  • ISB Congress tutorials
  • Standardization

ISB Congress 2013

  • 1090 registrants (770 paid as of August 8)
  • 388 registrants from Brazil
  • 353 oral presentations
  • 440 poster presentations


The Past President, Student Representative and Technical Groups Officers’ reports are presented below.


A moment of silence was held for recently deceased honorary ISB members David Winter and Jacqueline Perry.


5.   Treasurer’s Report

(Graeme Wood)


Balance Sheet (as at 30 June, 2013)

(All in Australian Dollars (1 AUD = 0.90 USD))

AUS Checking Account 9,464
AUS Savings Account 107,166
USA Checking Account 75,626
USA Saving Account 60,968
Total 253,324 [USD 227,902]
2011 Balance 222,574 [USD 229,251]


Income / Expenditure Statement:  1 Jul 2011 to 30 Jun 2012

(All in Australian Dollars (1 AUD = 0.90 USD))

Revenue 227,370
Expenses 173,963
Profit (Loss) 53,407 Budget (42.5k)


Income / Expenditure Statement:  1 Jul 2012 to 30 Jun 2013

(All in Australian Dollars (1 AUD = 0.90 USD))

Revenue 130,171
Expenses 155,783
Profit (Loss) (25,612) Budget (42.5k)
Revenue 2011/12 2012/13
Members’ Dues 86,534 63,709
Bank Interest 3,569 4,017
Advertising 3,600 3,980
Sponsorship 27,000 21,666
Tutorials (ISB2011) 12,700 0
ISB2011 Profit Share 55,333 0
Expense Item  2011/12 2012/13 Budget
Student Grants 21,098 57,024 [45,000]
Tutorial programme 12,000 0 [8/2,000]
EDC programme 16,831 36,589 [25,000]
Affiliate Society support 2,480 1,039 [10,000]
Technical Group support 1,000 4,256 [1,000]
Student activities 4,137 500 [5,000]
Website 10,169 12,107 [16,000]
Congress 2011 & 2013 17,000 5,555 [15/5,000]
Recurrent costs 5,196 6,718 [15,000]
Council costs 5,525 1,844 [12,000]
Awards/Plaques/Certificates 9,959 1,365 [10,000]
Treasurer’s costs 16,500 16,500 [16,500]


Auditor’s Report:  ISB members, Dirk deClercq (Belgium) and Federico Casolo (Italy) audited the financial reports. They stated that they regarded the reports as clearly presented, that the finances had been well handled and everything looked in order.


Moved: Dirk DeClercq, Seconded: Federico Casolo


“…that the General Assembly accept the Financial Reports prepared by the Treasurer as a true and correct statement of the Society’s finances”


Approved unanimously.


Proposed budget 2013-14 and 2014-15

(Graeme Wood)


(All in Australian Dollars (1 AUD = 0.90 USD)   Big Ticket items)

2013-14 2014-15
Dues 80,000 70,000
Sponsorship 35,000 35,000
Other (loan repay; advertising; tutorials; bank interest) 25,000 10,000
Student grants 45,000 45,000
Developing countries 15,000 15,000
Website 18,000 15,000
Awards 12,000 4,000
Tutorials 9,000 2,000
Archives 2,000 2,000
Congress 2013 / 2015 12,000 5,000
Affiliate Soc. Support 10,000 10,000
Technical groups 5,000 5,000
Student activities 5,000 5,000
Recurrent costs 15,000 15,000
Council costs 12,000 12,000
EDC Programme coordinator 10,000 10,000
Treasurer’s costs 16,500 16,500
Profit (Loss) (46,500) (46,500)


The budget presented does not take into account any eventual profit-sharing from congresses. The budget presented assumes that congress organisers pay back the congress loan. Walter Herzog: mentioned that JC will be responsible for both the archives portfolio and ISB presidency and queried whether AUD2000 allocated for archives would suffice. Many founding members will be leaving soon and archives may require extra effort to take care of donations from these retiring members. Is AUD2000 enough? JC; yes.

WH: AUD10000 allocated for Affiliated Societies and very little is spent; Suggested using some of this budget for advertising in ISBNow.



Moved: Ton van den Bogert; Seconded: John Rasmussen

“…that the budget as presented by the treasurer, be approved”.


Approved unanimously.


6. Student Representative’s Report

(Antonia Zefariou)

  • Established and moderated ISB paid members-only LinkedIn group for networking (~65 people)
  • Established and maintained ISB Twitter account (300 followers)
  • Established and maintained Facebook business page with 610 followers
  • Continued growth of ISB Student Members Facebook group (~200 members)
  • Student dinner at ISEK2012 with Professors Julie Steele and John Challis
  • Student dinner at ASB2012 with professor John Challis
  • Roundtable mentoring workshop and dune buggy beach adventure at ISB2013 (~60 people)


7. Technical Groups officer’s Report

(Genevieve Dumas)

Substantial amount of activity in last year.

Four ISB Technical Groups:

  • 3D Analysis of Human Movement
  • Footwear Biomechanics Group
  • International Shoulder Group
  • Technical Group on Computer Simulation


The constitutions of all four groups were approved by the ISB Council.

  • A Working Group on Hand & Wrist was founded
  • Group information – Motor Control
  • Information on ISB website


The Motor Control group was accepted as an ISB Seed Group.
Big steps have been taken to formalise the relationship of Technical Groups with ISB.


8. Past President’s Report

(Julie Steele)

Activities during the last two years:

  • Muybridge Award: Awarded to Prof Benno M. Nigg
    • Honorary Membership: JS Awarded an Honorary Member plaque to Benno Nigg, 2005. Benno thanked Julie and the ISB.
  • Affiliate Society Awards
  • JS proposed an ISB Fellows Program. Walter Herzog: The ASB involves fellows intensely (mentoring students, fellows symposium), maybe ISB should think about how to involve theirs. JS: yes, that’s exactly the idea, will look at different ways and look at what other societies do.
    • Council Elections.


ISB Election results:

526 votes received.

President Elect: Andrew Cresswell

Elected Council Members:

  • Alberto Leardini
  • David Lloyd
  • Genevieve Dumas
  • António Veloso
  • Scott McLean
  • Bart Koopman
  • Ed Chadwick
  • Catherine Disselhorst-Klug
  • Toni Arndt
  • Marco Aurélio Vaz

Student Representative: Kelsey Collins

JS thanked all current council members.

9. Thank you to outgoing Council Members



TvdB thanked the outgoing Council Members for their services.

  • Darren Stefanyshyn
  • Veronique Feipel
  • Hae-Dong Lee
  • Antonia Zaferiou


Special thank you for JS for her services to the Council since 1999:

  • Council member 1999-2005
  • Secretary General 2005-2007
  • President-Elect 2007-2009
  • President 2009-2011
  • Past President 2011-2013

JS thanked all she had worked with since 1999, especially Walter Herzog and students.


TvdB handed over the President’s gavel to JC as new president.


10. Presentation of new Council Members

(John Challis)


  • John Challis, President
  • Ton van den Bogert, Past-President
  • Andrew Cresswell, President-Elect
  • Toni Arndt, Secretary-General
  • Graeme Wood, Treasurer (appointed)
  • Genevieve Dumas, Technical Groups Officer
  • António Veloso, Affiliated Societies Officer
  • Bart Koopman, Developing Countries Officer
  • Catherine Disselhorst-Klug, Awards Officer
  • Alberto Leardini, Student Grants Officer
  • Kelsey Collins, Student Representative
  • Scott McLean, Education & Tutorials Officer
  • Ed Chadwick, Publications Officer
  • David Lloyd, Informatics Officer
  • Marco Aurélio Vaz, Sponsorship Officer
  • Andrea Hemmerich, Economically Developing Countries Projects Officer (appointed)
  • Yu Liu, Asian Representative (appointed)
  • Philip Rowe, ISB2015 Congress Organiser


11. Other Business

(John Challis)

No other business was reported. JC mentioned that ISB 2015 will be 25th ISB – so special celebrations will mark the event and a good attendance would be fantastic.

JC said a final thank you to all.

JC closed the meeting at 19.45.

Report respectfully submitted by Toni Arndt, ISB Secretary General


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