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Posted on June 26, 2013

Update from 3D Analysis of Human Movement

The 3D AHM Group held its 12th International Symposium in Bologna (Italy) on 18-20 July 2012 with a general theme of "Technology and Treatment". In addition to the traditional interest in instruments and techniques for motion tracking and analysis, the symposium addressed motion analysis protocols, industrial design, musculo-skeletal modeling, and clinical exploitations of this technology. These topics were discussed also by internationally renowned keynote speakers (K. Aminian, A. Cappozzo, J.J. Trey Crisco, S. Delp, T.W. Lu, A. Mirelman, M. Viceconti). Nine companies contributed to the success of the event, three of which provided a talk from the podium on their most recent research activities. 3DAHM 2012 was a great success with nearly 80 presentations from 18 different countries. The ISB has been supportive in the efforts of its 3DAHM technical group to maintain its success and has offered its assistance, which includes grants to support travelling for students and for the speaker of the ‘ISB Keynote Lecture’. This year the Whitaker-Allard Award was given to two speakers Arash Arami and Maria Cristina Bisi. During this biennial Symposium the general assembly of the group was held and new board members and industry representatives were elected. Many thanks are addressed to Alberto Leardini, the chairman of the Symposium and now the past president of this Technical Group, and also to Rita Stagni who is now also a new member of the 3DAHM board; thanks also to Andrea Cutti, Ugo Della Croce and Vincenzo Parenti-Castelli, for their precious support for the preparation and execution of the meeting in Bologna.

During the past year, the new executive board was confronted with a deep and large discussion about the objectives, identity and specificities of the group, which leads to the edition of the Constitution of the group, approved unanimously by the board in February 2013. The Constitution reflects very well the tradition of this community, which aims at facilitating exchange of opinions, related to 3D approaches in human movement analysis and integrating the knowledge from different fields of biomechanics and those from other fields of study with interests in movement analysis. Another unique aspect of this group is to offer the industry the exceptional opportunity to address the general assembly, rather than just having the typical commercial exhibits. The Constitution has been sent recently to ISB council for approval.

The board also made an international call in September 2012 to host the 2016 Symposium of 3DAHM and voted for Tung-Wu Lu's proposal to host the 14th Symposium in Taipei. Tung-Wu Lu also joined the executive board as the future President of the group.

During the 3DAHM 2012 Symposium, we also announced the next 3DAHM Symposium in Lausanne (Switzerland) from 14-17 July 2014 ( The 13th symposium will be held in the new Swiss Tech Convention (, a modular, ultramodern and a truly unique building in Europe, located on the campus of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. The general theme of the Symposium is "Sport and Rehabilitation". A first call will be sent soon and we are looking forward to see you in Lausanne, designated the Olympic Capital!

Kamiar Aminian,
Chairperson, 3-D Analysis of Human Movement

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