Student’s Corner – March, 2013

Posted on March 21, 2013

Hello ISB Student Members,

I hope everyone submitted abstracts to the ISB 2013 congress in Natal, Brazil! I would like to make sure you are aware of a few ISB updates, as well as give you more information for the student events I am planning at the congress.

Voting for the next ISB Student Representative

The ballot for the next Student Representative is announced in this ISBNow (see section Student Representative Candidates and below for their photos and names). It is important to vote for the next Student Representative (as well as new Council members) to ensure the future direction of the ISB reflects your ideas. To do this, you will follow instructions included in an announcement emailed to you from the ISB. We are excited to nominate such motivated and impressive ISB students, who are dedicated to representing you and improving the ISB student membership experience in addition to fulfilling their demanding academic responsibilities. It is important to keep in mind the experience and perspective a candidate can bring to the position as well as the feasibility and importance of his/her goals and ideas for improving ISB membership benefits.

Clinical Biomechanics Award and David Winter Young Investigator Award

If you have submitted an abstract to ISB and you are interested in applying for the Clinical Biomechanics Award or for the David Winter Young Investigator Award, please do so by signing into the “Participant’s Area” of the ISB Brazil website as soon as possible! This is a very time-sensitive matter, because the recipients of these awards will be determined during the abstract review process that is taking place now.

The ISB LinkedIn group is a rapidly growing group, only for ISB members who have paid their membership dues, dedicated to networking within our community. It is a great idea to join LinkedIn as a student because you can create a professional page for yourself that mimics a CV or resume (including sections for you to write your computer skills, publications, patents, past jobs, etc). There is also an option that allows your past employers, colleagues, and/or professors to endorse your skills and write recommendation letters that can be displayed on your profile page. This group can be particularly useful to forge connections with people with potential post-doctorate, academic, and/or industry positions available in their workplace. Connecting through LinkedIn can be more useful than by email because you are automatically displaying all of your strengths, research interests, and experience on your profile, which makes it easier and more efficient to learn about you, rather than relying on the person you want to connect with to open an attached CV or yet another email.

Student Events at ISB 2013 Natal

At the beginning of the congress, there will be a two-part student event (RSVP required). The first part will be a round-table mentoring workshop including time to practice what you learned at the workshop to network with ISB mentors. Potential mentoring topics include “Explaining your research to others”, “presentation skills”, “grant and manuscript writing”, and “career transition advice” and students will rotate through the tables so everyone has a chance to learn about all of these topics. The mentoring portion of the student event will be right before the keynote lecture at 13:00 on August 5th and your participation in this event will give you admission to the social and cultural part of the student event.

On August 6th between 8:00-12:00 I am planning an adventurous excursion through the beaches of Northern Natal (Redinha, Santa Rita, Jenipabú, Barra do Rio, Graçandu, and Pitangu). On the way, we will climb the famous dunes of Jenipabú by buggy and will stop at great freshwater lagoons — Genipabu and Jacumã, where we can swim, relax, and/or enjoy activities, such as sand tobogganing (or “Equibunda”) and zip lining into the lagoon (or “Aerobunda”).

I am looking for your input for mentoring topics, so please provide your ideas on the ISB social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) or by emailing me!

Best Regards,

Antonia Zaferiou

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