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Posted on March 21, 2013

Kelsey Collins, Canada
Advisor: Walter Herzog
University of Calgary
PhD completion projected June 2016

My name is Kelsey Collins, and I am a second year Ph.D. student supervised by Walter Herzog at the University of Calgary. My undergraduate training was conducted at the Human Performance Laboratory, UC Davis. My Ph.D. thesis is aimed to determine if a Metabolic subtype of Osteoarthritis (OA) exists, and how does exercise affect the progression of joint disease in this OA subtype.  I am widely involved in committees within the Kinesiology department, the University of Calgary, and Alberta-wide, and have a breadth of experience with planning scientific and social events. I would like to maximize networking opportunities for collaboration with other labs by organizing social events, utilizing social media, and increasing activity within existent student forums for interdisciplinary networking. Additionally, I would like to establish an exchange program to foster collaboration within the ISB. One of the biggest opportunities is to expand mentorship for students by creating a database of graduate student and postdoctoral fellows’ capabilities. This database will encourage students to network, establish mentorships, and seek help among fellow trainees and more senior students. I look forward to being more involved in the ISB by cultivating collaboration and expanding mentorship among students and faculty.

Jamie Hibbert, USA
Advisor: Zachary Domire
East Carolina University
PhD completion projected Spring 2016

I earned my BS from Boston University in Athletic Training and my MS from California University of Pennsylvania in Exercise Science.  I have worked as an Athletic Trainer for four years in a traditional athletic setting as well working with mechanics in a large aerospace manufacturing plant.  It was during my time in the manufacturing setting that I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in research that would increase quality of life for older adults.  I am now studying aging muscle with the purpose of identifying a possible cause for sarcopenia.

Our society gives us all the unique advantage of creating worldwide connections.  This opportunity for international collaboration makes it possible to strengthen the quality of research we are able to conduct by adopting the best practices from around the world.  I plan to study in a foreign lab as a part of my Ph.D. in order to learn not only different methods, but also experience research in a different cultural context.  One thing that I would like to accomplish if I am elected is to expand traditional student events to include opportunities to interact with the well-established researchers who are involved in ISB.

Tracy Norman, USA
Advisor: Young-Hui Chang
Georgia Institute of Technology
PhD completion projected Summer 2015

I am tenacious, creative, and reliable. Currently a third year Ph.D. candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology, I am focusing on neuromechanical control of gait transitions in amputees. As a collegiate rower, I served three years on the executive board with responsibilities ranging from webmaster, to heading recruitment and promotion, to maintaining a $120,000 budget and leading a hiring committee. I also taught science for two years at a low-income middle school. As Science Department Head, I managed a team of veteran teachers where collaboration and communication skills were essential to our success. Through past experiences I have polished a unique skill set that I believe make me an ideal candidate for Student Representative. A main purpose of the ISB is to “…encourage international contacts among scientists in this field, promote knowledge of biomechanics on an international level, and cooperate with related organizations.” I would work to uphold this purpose for student members through targeted social media, webinars, and promoting and expanding current initiatives such as the student forum and mentoring programs. Both my personal characteristics and past accomplishments would make me an effective student advocate as I work to integrate feedback from members and provide additional opportunities for students within the organization.

Travis Peterson, USA
Advisor: Jill McNitt-Gray
University of Southern California
PhD completion projected June 2017

During my undergraduate and master’s education I worked in lab and clinical settings where I completed cadaveric dissection, human subjects testing, motion capture and computational simulation of spinal motion and amputee gait. At USC, I have been able to model wheelchair propulsion, work with elite athletes on training and techniques of lateral quickness, and study how ground reaction forces affect clubhead speed in highly skilled golfers.

As ISB student representative, I see an opportunity to help bring our community together. From previous experiences, I noticed a great need for scientists of different backgrounds (cellular biomechanists, computational simulation experts, clinicians, physical therapists, engineers, etc.) to interact and learn how to communicate better across disciplines. I propose a bimonthly newsletter/forum (via Facebook, Biomch-L or email list) bringing up a journal article from different disciplines. Students would then be able to comment/critique from their personal disciplines’ perspective, allowing people to understand what other members of the community are looking for in biomechanics research, and how they could convey their information so that it translates better across disciplines.

I also see a need for a graduate student/post-doc and advisor matching program. Continuing the efforts of the present student representative, I would like to implement a database of labs (those who are looking to be contacted) from across the globe that would be accessible to ISB students. The groundwork information is there on the ISB webpage (jobs, mentoring, membership directory), but this resource would facilitate the search for potential advisors by categorizing and compiling all this information in one easily accessible place.

I am very excited to apply for ISB student representative and look forward to representing all my fellow students within ISB if I am chosen.


Ricardo Peterson Silveira, Italy
Advisor: Paola Zamparo
University of Verona
PhD completion projected June 2015

With a background in Sports and Human Movement Sciences (UFRGS, Brazil), my research has been focused on swimming biomechanics. Currently in Italy (University of Verona), my Ph.D. research interests are theory and methods for assessing propelling efficiency in human swimming. My main goal as a student representative of the ISB will be to continue the great job developed by Antonia Zaferiou in promoting the interactions among members on Internet through the social networks. In this regard, the use of this media for the divulgation of webinars and symposiums webcasted by research groups affiliated to the ISB and proposing the use of web-conference resources for the creation of an ISB webinar is a primary goal. Such resources have been successfully used by some southern Brazilian research groups such as the ones lead by Prof. Felipe Carpes at the Federal University of Pampa and by Prof. Marco Vaz at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. These initiatives are great opportunities to disseminate biomechanics among people from Health and Sport Sciences fields by easily putting them in touch with national and international renowned researchers and then work from the comfort of their homes or offices through the internet. However, most often, these webinars are in Portuguese, so an International webinar program supported by ISB would address the problem of the absence of English-based webinars and benefit its members, many of them from developing countries.

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