Affiliated Societies – March, 2013

Posted on March 21, 2013

The German Society of Biomechanics

The German Society of Biomechanics comprises over 370 members from the German speaking countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Its members are engineers, clinicians, physicists, sports and computer scientists and other related disciplines. The Society organizes a biannual meeting traditionally hosted by the current president.  This year the meeting takes place in Neu-Ulm (southern Germany) from May 15-17, organized by Prof. Lutz Dürselen ( The scientific program will include 91 podium, 89 poster presentations and some interesting keynote lectures (Ch. Hellmich; Vienna, R. Müller; Zurich, L. Claes; Ulm, CH. Bourauel; Bonn). We cordially invite members of the ISB to register for the meeting. However, be aware that most of the presentations will be held in German language. Beside some awards like, Young Investigator, Poster and AMTI Award for the best experimental work, the ISB has again generously granted an award for the best paper in sports science. Thanks to the ISB for this! In 2011, the winner of the ISB award was Renate List from Zurich, for her presentation: How much mobility does ankle arthroplasty need - a video-fluoroscopic analysis. The next biannual meeting will be hosted by Prof. Christof Bourauel from the Lab for Experimental Orthodontics in Bonn.  Papers in English language are also welcome.

Did You Know? – From the Archives – March, 2013

Posted on March 21, 2013

The ISB Congresses are held every other year.  At these conferences a number of awards are presented.  In 1983 at the IX Congress, held at the University of Waterloo, a new award was initiated the Young Investigator Award.  The award was designed to recognize the outstanding work of one of the students at the conference.  That first award was presented to Fred Yeadon from Loughborough University in the UK.  Fred’s work was titled “The production of a sustained aerial twist during a somersault without the use of asymmetrical arm action.“.  Fred on graduation moved to the University of Calgary, and then returned to Loughborough where he is currently a Professor.  He has had, and is still having, a distinguished career in biomechanics, and was recently elected as an honorary member of the ISB.