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While browsing the ISB website we can see time decreasing. It was interesting to see on the ISB watch that today we have 150 days before we get together to chat about science. On the 4th of August our ISB watch will start from zero counting up until our Congress ends, and we will start a new countdown to ISB 2015.

But before our clock reaches zero, several things still need to be done, and I would like to give you an update. Our review process has started, and you will be receiving an e-mail message before the end of March with the results of this review. For those that would like to participate in the Clinical Biomechanics Award or in the David Winter Young Investigator Award competitions, this is the time for you to indicate that by entering the participant’s area on our website and indicating which award you want to participate in. Please check for more detailed information on our website for the requirements of each of these awards.

As soon as you get the results from our review process, please do not forget to pay your registration fee, as the early registration ends in April. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the lower price, please register before April 30th.

We would like to suggest that you start your travel arrangements well in advance. We have sent you information on the discount in the airfare of Star Alliance flights . You may need a VISA to enter Brazil, and you will find information on that at the Shopping Tour webpage Please check well in advance if you need a VISA to enter Brazil and organize the necessary documents to apply for the VISA, as this may take several weeks to be processed. We will be providing an official letter to all participants that finalizes the registration process so that you can add this letter to your VISA application. If you need assistance to organize your travel needs, please contact Miss. Priscila Gayer (Travel Agent) from our Official Travel Agency (Shopping Tour Cambio e Turismo) at the e-mail or you can also phone her at (+55 51) 3227-0607, extension 219. She will be able to help you with anything you need to make your trip to Natal and your stay in Brazil as pleasant as possible.

We have been updating our webpage on a daily basis with information not only for the congress, but also information on the Satellite Events and Special Sessions. There you can check some of our Invited Speakers for ISB2013 and also important information regarding these special events. We will have four pre-congress special events: our ISB Tutorials in the afternoon of August 4th, the 11th Biennial Footwear Biomechanics Symposium (July 31st - August 2nd), the XIV International Symposium on Computer Simulation in Biomechanics (August 1-3) and the Educational Workshop on Dynamic Load Distribution Measurement (August 3-4). During the Congress we will also have three activities that will take place in the mornings: the ISB Economically Developing Countries Symposium (August 5), which will focus in how the ISB can help people from Economically Developing Countries to start research in these remote areas, the Workshop on Surface Electromyography (August 6-8), which will focus on the multichannel surface EMG technique and the Satellite Symposium of the VII World Congress of Biomechanics, which will focus on the Biomechanics and treatment of muscle-tendon injury. Please make sure that you check the information on each of these Satellite Events. Information is being updated on a daily basis, so please do not forget to check the website. Also, please look at the information on registration fees for each one of these events, as they have their own specific organization and costs. Finally, we will have at least two Special Sessions during the Congress: the XV Brazilian Congress of Biomechanics Special Session, to celebrate our XV Edition of the Brazilian Congress of Biomechanics, and the Shoulder Group Special Session. Information on these two special sessions will be provided soon.

Please make sure that you check the Exhibition area during the congress. We already have 20 companies from different parts of the world that will bring high tech and new technologies to our congress.

Students will have a lot of fun while discussing science in Natal. If you are a student, please make sure that you check with Antonia Zaferiou for the fun things that she is planning for Natal.

Finally, as you start thinking about the Congress, we hope that you enjoy our exquisite program. For those that will not be participating in the morning satellite events, please enjoy the beach and relax before we start our activities early afternoon. Although we know that everyone will be eager to participate in our exciting scientific activities, please make sure that you take some time to enjoy Natal and some of the surrounding areas.

In February 20-22 Prof. Marco Vaz and Mr. Vitor Liberman went to Natal for the 4th Technical Visit in preparation of ISB2013. During this visit they met with the Rio Grande do Norte State Governor, Mrs. Rosalba Ciarlini and her State Secretaries of Tourism and Sports. They also visited the Mayor of Natal staff. During this meeting Prof. Vaz gave the Governor and the Mayor an invitation for the opening ceremony and also discussed some of the preparations for ISB2013.

They also visited two of the largest local Universities (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte and Potiguar). There they chatted with some of the professors to encourage participation in the Congress. The Northeast and North Regions of Brazil are some of the areas that the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics would like to see Biomechanics growth. Therefore, having ISB2013 in Natal will be a fantastic opportunity for students from these regions to participate in their first international congress and meet some of the best Biomechanists in the world. We also hope that new collaborations are established between the developed and the developing worlds of Biomechanics.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Natal for the XXIV ISB2013.

ISB 2013 Organizing Committee

Marco Aurélio Vaz

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