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Posted on September 27, 2012

Update from the International Shoulder Group (ISG)

The International Shoulder Group recently held its biennial meeting, ISG 2012, in Aberystwyth, Wales, UK.  The meeting was hosted by Ed Chadwick, current Chair of ISG, and at the time of the meeting Lecturer in the Department of Sport and Exercise Science at Aberystwyth University.  After an Opening Reception in the National Library of Wales, two days of scientific presentations were shared among members.  In addition to these 47 presentations, two outstanding Keynote addresses were given by Professor DirkJan Veeger of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Delft University of Technology, and by Professor Robert Kirsch of Case Western Reserve University.  One of the hot topics of the meeting was the use of the term impingement as a diagnosis for shoulder pain.  Evidence was presented challenging the idea that mechanical impingement of subacromial tissues is a mechanism for shoulder pain, while survey data presented at the meeting suggests that clinicians who treat shoulder pain cannot agree on what constitutes impingement.  Discussion about the continued use of the term impingement will surely be ongoing within the ISG.  Another area of great interest to the group is the use of modeling as a tool for studying the shoulder.  Dr. Veeger’s keynote address primed the group for this topic, and many of the presentations included the development or use of shoulder models.  The ISG is an ideal forum for biomechanists from engineering and clinical backgrounds to come together and inform the current and future use of models for shoulder research.

ISG 2012 was a great success, with attendees representing eighteen different countries from five continents.  There was a nice proportion of students and faculty in attendance, past acquaintances were renewed, and many new friendships were formed.  Congratulations go to Bart Bolsterlee of Delft University of Technology, winner of the Best Student Presentation Award, and to runner-up Luke Ettinger of the University of Oregon.  Look for selected papers from the meeting to be published as full manuscripts in an upcoming special issue of Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing.  The next ISG meeting will be held in North America in 2014, and a strong bid from the University of Waterloo has already been made.

Many thanks are in order to Ed Chadwick, Dimitra Blana, Siwan Griffiths, and James Marchi for their preparation and execution of the meeting.  The success of the meeting was also enhanced by the generous support of our Corporate Sponsors; The Motion Monitor (main meeting sponsor), Codamotion Solutions, Delsys, Motion Analysis, and Xsens.  The ISG board and members would also like to thank the ISB for supporting several student travel awards for the meeting.  Thanks to all!

John Borstad
Board Member, International Shoulder Group

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