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Posted on September 27, 2012

Korean Society of Sports Biomechanics News

The Korean Society of Sport Biomechanics (KSSB) was organized in 1976 as an academic organization with interest in the field of sport biomechanics. The KSSB is comprised of approximately 400 members with diverse sport science expertise; it is therefore essential to utilize various approaches in several fields of sport biomechanics. The KSSB publishes an academic journal quarterly and has biannual scientific conferences in which one or two international scholars are invited as a keynote speaker. In addition, we regularly interact with the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB), International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS) and other sport biomechanics organizations in Japan, China, US, Australia, Southeast Asia and other Pan-Pacific countries. The purpose of this KSSB is to activate the theory and field utilization of research related to sports and biomechanics while contributing to the development of sports study through professional knowledge, information exchange and international exchange with overseas academic organizations by and between members. We do this through:

  1. Academic research and supporting related research
  2. Presenting research in related fields (1 per year, including the publication of  a collection of theses), hosting seminars (6 per year) and invitational lectures (once per year)
  3. Strengthening of friendship and academic exchange with international academic organizations
  4. Publication of books, academic magazines, regular publications in pertinent fields
  5. Providing a variety of information through the home page (

I. Biomechanics Research Project in the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships is the greatest athletics championship game held by the IAAF biennially. About 3,500 athletes and athletic officials, including world record holders and Olympic medalists from 212 countries, attended the Daegu World Championships to see who is the real world champion. 1,046 male and 899 female athletes representing 202 countries competed to attract worldwide attention in the brilliant spotlights of the championships. At the same time, scientific sport biomechanics research was carried out by the Korean Society of Sport Biomechanics under the support of the IAAF to generate scientific data for major athletic sports.

The sport biomechanics project team of the 2011 Daegu World Championships in Athletics proved that scientific analysis and resultant real time data, play an important role in athletic development, athlete performance enhancement and the scientific approach to sports and athletics technology development. It is hoped that this study will be of assistance to coaching technology and strategy and cause wider attention to scientific and biomechanic approaches in sports.

Ⅱ. 2012 Korean Society of Sport Biomechanics(KSSB) Annual Conference

Korean Society of Sport Biomechanics have an annual conference. 2012 KSSB will be held during BISS 2012 (Busan International shoe show), which is the only shoe business show in Korea, wecloming its 12th year. A variety of domestic and overseas authorities in footwear biomechincs have been participating in BISS. 2012 International Conference of Korean Society of Sport Biomechanics is scheduled as follows:

  • Date: 26th ~ 27th, October, 2012
  • Location: BEXCO, Busan, KOREA
  • Topic: "Biomechanics and convergence of science and technology"
  • Organizer: Korean Society of Sport Biomechanics (KSSB),
  • Financial Support: Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO)
  • Conference program

1 day, 26th, October
13:00-17:00    Workshop (EMG et all)
18:00-21:00    Welcome Party

2 day, 27th, October
09:00-10:00    Registration Keynote Speakers
10:00-12:00    Keynote Speakers
12:00-13:00    Lunch
13:00-17:00    Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations

  • Pre-registration and paper submission deadline
    - October 18(Tue), 2012
  • Reception:
Seungbum Park,
KSSB Director of General Affairs
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