Meet Your Executive – Andrew Cresswell, Awards Officer

Posted on June 26, 2012

I was asked to write something about myself a few weeks ago for “Meet Your Executive”. Like those before me, I will reflect on a few personal highlights in my career, and hopefully not bore you along the way.

Perhaps it’s easiest to start by explaining my role on the Executive Council of ISB as Awards Officer. In this position I am responsible for convening judging panels for the many awards we give at our biennial ISB congress. I have had this position since being elected to the ISB Council in 2006 and enjoy it immensely as it gives me a great opportunity to meet many new and outstanding researchers in the countless fields of Biomechanics.

ISB 2013

Posted on June 26, 2012

August 4th - 9th 2013

Past-President’s Affiliated Societies Meeting Grant Scheme

Posted on June 26, 2012

During his role as President of the ISB, Walter Herzog instigated a grant program designed to support keynote lecturers and young investigator awards for Affiliated Societies of ISB.  The ISB Council is committed to continue providing support for this program and encourages Affiliated Societies to submit applications for funding, as described below.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Posted on June 26, 2012

Dear all,
My name is Irene, I am an ISB member and a post-doc at Manchester Metropolitan University. Last summer I attended ISB2011 and I was really glad that I could take advantage of the great opportunities targeted for the student members.

Research Opportunities in Brazil

Posted on June 26, 2012

The Brazilian Society of Biomechanics is interested in advertising the opportunities given by the Brazilian government to international scientists, and encourages researchers to apply for research in Brazil. The Brazilian Society of Biomechanics wants to help any international scientist that would like to apply for these international grants and to answer any questions that may remain unanswered. We also prepared a brief description of the funding opportunities for international researchers that would like to come to Brazil.

President’s Blog – June, 2012

Posted on June 26, 2012

In the last President’s Blog, I wrote about careers and funding, and advocated two ways to reduce the unhealthy competition for research funding: (1) A career path for PhD scientists where they have a permanent position where they can do good science without continuous grant writing. (2) Reduce the number of PhDs we train, perhaps by hiring more of those permanent researchers to do the work.

Student’s Corner – June, 2012

Posted on June 26, 2012

Hello Student Members of the International Society of Biomechanics!

I wanted to remind you of the available resources, initiatives, and upcoming events pertaining to ISB students. The September student's corner explains some of the initiatives in progress and those I would like to start with your help. While we prepare for our exciting conference in Natal, Brazil August 2013 ( the ISB council will meet at the ISEK 2012 conference in Brisbane, Australia. Now is a great time for you to let me know what you wish was available or what you think can be improved as an ISB student member so that we can discuss these suggestions during our meeting!

Technical Groups – June, 2012

Posted on June 26, 2012

News from the ISB Technical Group Computer Simulation (TGCS)

New TGCS Executive Board
Following the elections in 2010, a new Executive Board has taken up duties for the ISB Technical Group Computer Simulation in late 2010. The new board comprises the following members: Mark King (chair), Tom Franz (secretary general), Benjamin J. Fregly, Serge van Sint Jan, Ilse Jonkers, John Rasmussen, Jeff Reinbolt (all regular members) and Jessica Allen (student member). The new board would like to express thanks to those board members who stepped down, i.e. Knoek van Soest (chair), Rick Neptune (secretary general), Scott Delp, Frans van der Helm and Frank Anderson for their contribution to TGCS over the years.

Did You Know – From the Archives – June, 2012

Posted on June 26, 2012

At each ISB Congress we have the the Wartenweiler Memorial Lecture.  One of the Wartenweiler Memorial Lecturers has recently passed away - Andrew Huxley (1917-2012).  The first president of the ISB was Jurg Wartenweiler (1915-1976).  He organized The First International Seminar on Biomechanics in Zürich, Switzerland in 1967.  This conference eventually morphed into our biennial ISB Congresses.  He was a faculty member at the ETH Zürich.  To honor him and his contributions to the ISB, at every ISB Congress we have the Wartenweiler Memorial Lecture.  At recent congresses this has been the first academic presentation of the conference.  The list of Wartenweiler Memorial Lecturers and their topics follow,