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President’s Blog September, 2018 by Joe Hamill

With the summer in the Northern Hemisphere almost over, many of the conferences held by other organizations are also complete. I attended the American College of Sports Medicine, the World Congress of Biomechanics and the American Society of Biomechanics annual meeting. Now, I am on my way to Lanzhou, China to attend the Chinese Association [...]

First Call for nominations for the ISB President-Elect and ISB Executive Council Elections 2019-2021

Every two years ISB members elect a new President-Elect and Executive Council. The Executive Council members are elected for a 2-year term, with a maximum of three terms, and represent countries from throughout the world and various scientific areas within biomechanics. The Executive Council meets every year and provides leadership for the continued development of [...]

ISB-ASB 2019 Calgary

323 days to the opening of the ISB-ASB 2019 conference in Calgary, July 31st, 2019. The organization of ISB-ASB 2019 is progressing well. Dozens of people stepped forward to organize symposia, invited and keynote speakers have been invited, and the final program starts to take shape. Wherever I travel, people tell me that ISB-ASB 2019 [...]

Student’s Corner September 2018 by Melissa Boswell

World Congress of Biomechanics Student Event We enjoyed a nice student mentoring event at the World Congress of Biomechanics.  Below are a few photos from the event with great views of Dublin. Thank you to the mentors and students who attended!  I am looking forward to all of the student events at the ISB 2019 [...]

XXVIII Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics 2021 Announcement

The ISB Council is pleased to announce the venue for the XXVIII Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics in 2021 will be Stockholm. The conference will be chaired by representatives from The School of Sport and Health Sciences (Prof Toni Arndt), The Royal Technical College (Lanie Gutierrez Farewik) and the Karolinska Institute (Li Felländer-Tsai). [...]

ISB Tutorials in Calgary 2019

ISB tutorials precede our biannual congresses and aim to cover topical areas in biomechanics. They are targeted to wide audience from students to scientists at all career stages. In Calgary 2019, tutorials will be given by four distinguished scientists. Professor Saija Kontulainen from College of Kinesiology, University of Saskatchewan will give tutorial on bone strength [...]

International Shoulder Group meeting

The International Shoulder Group hosted their biennial meeting on August 12-13th at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, USA. Meeting Chairs Missy Morrow, PhD (Mayo Clinic) and Meghan Vidt, PhD (Penn State) welcomed 80 participants from 9 countries to the Mayo Clinic campus for 2 days of shoulder-focused research discussion that featured dynamic keynote presentations by [...]

Call for Abstracts: HWBI Symposium together with IFSSH/IFSHT 2019

Call for Abstracts: HWBI Symposium together with IFSSH/IFSHT 2019 Hand and Wrist Biomechanics International (HWBI) will hold its next biomechanics symposium in conjunction with the 14th IFSSH & 11th IFSHT Triennial Congress during June 17-21, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. The 2019 IFSSH & IFSHT Congress will combine the international (IFSSH & IFSHT), European (FESSH & [...]

List of new members – September 2018

Dr. Ravikumar Varadarajan, United States Ms. Maryam Tilton, United States, Pennsylvania State University Dr. Sanjay Sarkar, United States, Concordia University, St. Paul Mr. Ryan Alcantara, United States, University of Colorado Boulder Dr. Mark Timmons, United States, Marshall University Dr. Gerald Scheirman, United States Dr. Robert Simon, United States Ms. Azadeh Nasseri, Australia, Menzies Health Institute [...]