Students’ Corner

Posted on September 30, 2014

Hi Trainees,

The WCB 2014 ISB Trainee Networking Panel was a big success! Thanks to Dr. Allison Gruber, Dr. Ron Zernicke, Dr. Joe Hammill, Dr. Brent Edwards, and Dr. Ross Miller for sharing their insights and experiences with the trainees who were in attendance. Dr. Zernicke provided some helpful supplementary material about preparing for academic jobs and interviews that will be posted in the Student section of the ISB website. Look for it soon!

Planning for XXVth ISB Congress in Glasgow, Scotland

Together the Scientific Committee for the XXVth ISB Congress, the Economically Developing Countries Officers, and the ISB executive council have been planning new and exciting programming for the upcoming 2015 Congress. We hope to host several lunch time sessions including a mentoring, a mock academic interview, EDC session, and a special session for Post Doctoral Fellows.

If you have programming ideas for the upcoming Congress, please feel free to contact me and I will put your ideas forward to the Scientific Committee. Look for more details about programming and student outings at the Congress in upcoming editions of Student’s Corner. You don’t want to miss it! Don’t forget to submit your abstract by November 28 at

NEW -- ISB Trainee Spotlight

Starting October 1, we will begin a new initiative on social media: ISB Trainee Spotlight.  We will post small stories about ISB Trainees and some of the fabulous things they are doing. You may nominate a colleague or yourself, as long as they are a current ISB Trainee. Supervisors can nominate trainees, too! We hope this will be a fun way to showcase our fabulous trainee group on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

To submit a nomination for consideration, please submit the following to

1)     a short paragraph about the individual

  1. the university they attend,
  2. their research focus
  3. why you think they should be a spotlighted trainee

2)     a picture

3)     a statement acknowledging the nominated individual is aware of the nomination

4)     a statement confirming the individual is comfortable with their photo being posted on the ISB Facebook and LinkedIn Pages

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. Don’t forget to follow @ISBiomechanics (twitter), International Society of Biomechanics (Facebook), International Society of Biomechanics Student Group, and the International Society of Biomechanics members LinkedIn page.


All the best,


Kelsey Collins




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Students’ Corner

Posted on June 27, 2014

Hello ISB Trainees,

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the World Congress of Biomechanics in July. The ISB is hosting a few events that you do not want to miss – so mark your calendars!

ISB Trainee Mixer: Tuesday July 8th from 7-10p at Champions Boston in the Boston Marriot. Some food and drinks will be provided. Current and prospective ISB Trainees are welcome! At 7:45PM, a panel discussion on networking will take place. The panel will include the following ISB members:

Allison Gruber, PhD: Post Doctoral Fellow, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst (will begin as Assistant Professor at University of Indiana – Bloomington in Fall),

Brent Edwards, PhD: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary

Ross Miller, PhD: Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology, University of Maryland

Ron Zernicke, PhD: Professor and Dean, School of Kinesiology, University of Michigan

Joe Hamill, PhD: Professor, Department of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst

ISB Symposium on Motor Control: Tuesday July 8 from 2:30-6pm

Other Affiliated Events:

Delsys workshop: Bridging Motor Control and Biomechanics: What can advances in Sensor Technology Offer? Sunday July 6th 12-2:15p – register at

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Student Programming (all are welcome):

Tuesday July 8 – Academic Careers Panel 1-2 PM

Tuesday July 8 – Industry Careers Panel 6:30-7:30 PM

Thursday July 10 – Grant Funding Panel 6:30-7:30 PM

Thursday July 10 – Graduate Student Social 8PM at LIR (903 Boylston Street)

For those of you who will not be at WCB 2014, I hope to see you in Glasgow next summer. In July, we will begin planning trainee programming for ISB 2015. I would love some ideas and feedback from the student members. Please email me any suggestions for programming or ISB Trainee Initiatives.


Don’t forget to follow @ISBiomechanics (twitter), International Society of Biomechanics (Facebook), International Society of Biomechanics Student Group, and the International Society of Biomechanics members LinkedIn page.

All the best,

Kelsey Collins


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Students’ Corner

Posted on March 28, 2014

Professional Development and Effective Mentorship

Hi Trainees!

Mentoring is a crucial part of our training environment. However, mentors are an underutilized commodity.1 There is an evolving body of research demonstrating that mentorship is an incredibly influential factor on personal development, productivity, career trajectory, success, and career satisfaction.2 With these factors in mind, it is incredibly important and we select mentors that understand our goals and can help us achieve them. Here are five steps to cultivate effective mentorships:

Step 1: Identify your goals.

Using the Individual Development Plan (IDP): The IDP is a fabulous resource that can be accessed at It will help you identify some SMART professional development goals and identify strengths.2 Further, the site provides feedback on areas which you could improve upon for jobs that are of interest to you. This way, you can take your training in your own hands to prepare yourself now!

Step 2: Create a mentorship statement.

To increase the effectiveness of each mentorship relationship and session, use specific information gained from your IDP to create a mentorship statement. This will direct the mentorship session.

Good mentorship statements include 3 components: (1) what? specific plans (2) when? timelines and (3) how?

These statements will help you outline tangible SMART goals – increasing the risk that the goals will be met.3

Step 3: Select effective mentors.

What is an effective mentor?  

Here is a summary of insight from a recent Stanford Social Innovation Review entitled “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mentors (3).” These seven habits can help you evaluate mentors and your mentor-mentee interactions. Effective mentors:

  1. Are relatable.
  2. Make regular appearances.
  3. Provide balanced feedback
  4. Ask for something in return – cultivate new collaborations to avoid one-sidedness
  5. Foster community – interact outside of the lab or academic setting.
  6. Help make introductions – help mentees network.
  7. Have experience as a mentee – seeing things from both sides makes you a better mentor.

What are some types of Mentors?

  • Academic Supervisor
  • Co-Mentor: someone in another field who can provide perspective about growth or opportunities given your specific expertise
  • Career Advisor: someone who is mid-late career who can help you focus on career development
  • Early Career advisor: someone is early career who can help you focus on immediate next steps in career development
  • Personal Development Advisor: an individual who can help you meet a personal goal (e.g. work/life balance, exercise/fitness goals, extracurriculars)

Step 4: Have a face-to-face meeting.

Decide if this mentorship relationship will meet your expectations. Are they willing to be your mentor? Is this person a good match? Do they have the expertise you thought? Do you get along? Be transparent in your expectations and ask the mentor to be transparent in return. Hopefully this mentorship will continue to be mutually beneficial and provide valuable insight!

Step 5: Learn to be an effective Mentor

As trainees, we are often mentors ourselves. Take opportunities to mentor others, and you will learn by “role reversal” about how to create more effective mentor-mentee interactions.

Don’t forget to use ISB resources for mentorship connections. This spring we will begin to design our ISB member database. This will add another dimension to potential mentor-mentee connections for members. If you have any ideas of information that should be added to that database, please contact me. Stay tuned!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. Don’t forget to follow @ISBiomechanics (twitter), International Society of Biomechanics (Facebook), International Society of Biomechanics Student Group, and the International Society of Biomechanics members LinkedIn page.

All the best,

Kelsey Collins



  1. Meinel FG, Dimitriadis K, von der Borch P, Stormann S, Niedermaier S and Fischer MR. More mentoring needed?  A cross-sectional study of mentoring programs for medical students in Germany.  BMC Medical Education. 2011;11:13
  1. Sambunjak D, Straus SE and Marusic A.  Mentoring in academic medicine: a systematic review.  Journal of the American Medical Association. 2006;296:1103-15
  2. Bogue, Robert. "Use S.M.A.R.T. goals to launch management by objectives plan". TechRepublic. Retrieved 20 November 2013.
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Student’s Corner

Posted on December 20, 2013

Hi Trainees!

December has arrived and I want to remind you of some of the opportunities available on the Horizon.

The 7th World Congress of Biomechanics, held in Boston this year from July 6-11, 2014 is accepting abstracts until January 15 ( Trainees have several opportunities for awards when submitting abstracts to this conference. Here is some information about them to help inform which boxes to check when going through the abstract submission process.

(A) World Congress of Biomechanics Competitions:

  • 2014 American Society of Mechanical Engineers Student Paper Competition

Open to all students (not limited to members of ASME), see for details. Several Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral theme-based competitions ranging from $100-$400 for each award will be held. This award does not require further action beyond indicating interest at the time of WCB abstract submission.

(B) American Society of Biomechanics: (Must be an ASB member)

  1. Clinical Biomechanics Award ($1000) – open to scientists at any stage of career
  2. Journal of Biomechanics Award ($1000) - open to scientists at any stage of career
  3. Student Travel Awards for WCB ($250) – apply through ASB website, Due Jan 15, 2014

Eligibility for ASB Awards can be found at

(C) Canadian Society of Biomechanics: (Must be a CSB member)

  1. Masters Student Award ($500) – supplementary materials must be sent to CSB
  2. Doctoral Student Award ($500) – supplementary materials must be sent to CSB
  3. David Winter Promising Young Investigator Award (Post-Doctoral, $1000) – supplementary materials must be sent to CSB
  4. Student Conference Travel Grants ($300) – apply through CSB website, due 2 months before beginning of conference (

Eligibility for CSB/SCB awards and information regarding supplementary information can be found at

(D) European Society of Biomechanics: (Must be an ESB member)

  1. Student Award (1 first prize € 1000 and three runners up € 200)– supplementary material required to ESB,
  2. Clinical Biomechanics Award (€ 1000)
  3. Travel award (€ 400): Due April 14, 2014

Eligibility for ESB awards and information regarding supplementary information can be found at

(E) German Society of Biomechanics: (Must be DGfB member)

  • German Society of Biomechanics Award


In addition, two ISB Technical Groups will hold their meetings in 2014:

The ISB offers Technical Group Travel Grant funding to help support travel to technical group conferences, and the deadline for this year is February 28, 2014. Please refer to the website for details


As always, please connect on LinkedIn (International Society of Biomechanics), Facebook (International Society of Biomechanics Public Group International Society of Biomechanics Student group), and Twitter (@ISBiomechanics) to receive updates as more exciting opportunities and information pops up.

Feel free to send me an email with questions, comments, or ideas. I am always available at

Best wishes for a fun and restful holiday season.

Take care, Kelsey.

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Students’ Corner

Posted on September 27, 2013


Hi students! - I am so excited to have met many of you at ISB 2013, and look forward to meeting you if I haven’t gotten yet. Thank you for providing me with the incredible opportunity to represent you on the Executive Council.

Special thanks to Antonia (centre, left)  for all of her efforts these past two years. She has presented some wonderful initiatives and created fabulous student programming in Natal. She will be missed, but has pledged her time to help with some of the efforts she initiated during her term, which shows how incredibly dedicated she is to enhancing ISB student life. We are lucky to have her!


Student’s Corner

Posted on June 26, 2013

Hello ISB Student Members,

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the elected Student Representative, Kelsey Collins! I am confident that she will be an outstanding member of the Executive Council and continue to improve our student membership experience. On a related note, I’d like to thank the other Student Representative candidates for putting forth ideas to improve student membership and those of you who took time to vote for our Executive Council members. I hope we all remain involved with ISB and participate when our input is requested, so we can help Kelsey represent us!

Student Events at ISB2013 Natal

At the beginning of the congress, there will be a two-part student event (RSVP required). The first part will be a round-table mentoring workshop August 5th 10:00-12:00. Attending the first part is mandatory for participation in the second part of the student event, which is a beach excursion August 6th 8:00-12:00. I will be emailing you in the near future with finalized details of the events as well as a request for you to sign up for the events. You cannot participate if you do not sign-up for the events. If you would like to assist me in minor logistical matters during the student events, please email me to volunteer!

Part 1: Roundtable Mentoring

Mentoring roundtables will likely include 4 or 5 of the following topics “explaining your research to others”, “creating and managing strong collaborations”, “presentation skills”, “editing your CV”, “writing clearly and effectively”, “career transitions and balancing priorities”, and “preparing an ISB student grant application”. Each student will have a chance to learn about and participate in all of these mini-workshops because students will rotate through all tables. Please bring your CV and questions about each topic. Your participation in this event will give you admission to the social and cultural part of the student event, the beach excursion. I am still accepting your input for roundtable mentoring topics, so please provide your ideas on the ISB social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) or by emailing me!

Part 2: Beach Excursion

On August 6th between 8:00-12:00 we will embark on an adventurous excursion through the beaches of Northern Natal (Redinha, Santa Rita, Jenipabú, Barra do Rio, Graçandu, and Pitangu). On the way, we will climb the famous dunes of Jenipabú by buggy and will stop at great freshwater lagoons — Genipabu and Jacumã, where we can swim, relax, and/or enjoy activities, such as sand tobogganing (or “Equibunda”) and zip lining into the lagoon (or “Aerobunda”). Bring sunscreen and a bathing suit!

Miscellaneous Reminders and Advice

Please be aware that there are many workshops, symposiums, and tutorials surrounding and embedded in our congress this year. The registration deadline has been extended to June 30th for the 11th biennial Footwear Biomechanics Symposium taking place July 31st-August 2nd in Natal. Though the registration deadline has passed, the XIV International Symposium on Computer Simulation in Biomechanics (TGCS) will feature our president, Ton van den Bogert as a keynote speaker August 1st-3rd. University of Sao Paulo (LABIMPH-USP) and Novel’s Dynamic Load Distribution Measurement (DLDM) workshop will take place August 3-4th, which aims to “address methodological and technical issues” relevant to DLDM. Our Executive Council’s tutorial officer, Scott McLean, has organized 4 ISB2013 Tutorials (each $50) taking place on August 4th: “Rehabilitation robotics”, “Human movement analysis using inertial sensors”, “Opensim”, and “Grant writing”. On August 5th, within the ISB congress, there will be an ISB-ISEK joint workshop focused on “techniques for assessing the neural drive to muscles and the resulting mechanical function of muscles and joints”. Also on August 5th within the ISB congress, there will be a Measurement of Knee Loading Symposium. During the mornings of August 6-8 there will be workshops on Surface Electromyography with registration required in advance ($60 for students). Finally, on August 9th, there will be a Satellite Symposium of the VII World Congress of Biomechanics that flaunts an extremely academically diverse program with a student registration fee of $40.

Additionally, I encourage you to take advantage of the long standing online mentoring program on our website. You may be able to forge a relationship with a senior researcher who would like to meet you for a discussion during the congress. Also note, in the Student Forum on our website, I created a posting space for students to discuss potential roommate situations at the congress (member login required).

Farewell and Final Reflection!

This is my final Student’s Corner contribution to ISBNow and I would like to thank everyone for this rewarding and enjoyable opportunity. At ISB2011 in Brussels, I realized what a truly unique and amazing community we are a part of as I experienced the warm interactions between dedicated ISB members who reside on opposite sides of the world. At the Executive Council meeting at ISEK2012 and attending ASB2012, I had wonderful experiences with ISB members as we discussed our research and shared stories. Above all, I am grateful that the Executive Council is devoted to the professional development of and interaction with student members to advance ISB’s mission, made apparent through enthusiastic collaboration with its Student Representative. I look forward to seeing everyone in Natal!

As always, please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or suggestions!

Thank you and farewell,

Antonia Zaferiou

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Student’s Corner – March, 2013

Posted on March 21, 2013

Hello ISB Student Members,

I hope everyone submitted abstracts to the ISB 2013 congress in Natal, Brazil! I would like to make sure you are aware of a few ISB updates, as well as give you more information for the student events I am planning at the congress.

Student’s Corner – December, 2012

Posted on December 20, 2012

Dear fellow ISB student members,

I hope you are as excited about ISB2013 in Natal as I am! I have just initiated planning the student event, which will most likely consist of two parts. One part will be educational, likely in the form of a roundtable mentoring workshop, and the other part of our event will be an excursion to one of Natal’s beautiful beaches.

The roundtable mentoring workshop will have student-generated topics that may include presentation skills, grant and manuscript writing, and career transition advice. The objective of the roundtable session is to build students’ expertise in career development within the biomechanics field. One idea that has been suggested is an accelerated meet-and-greet session where prospective exchange students and post- doctorates can practice their networking skills learned during the roundtable session with senior ISB members and mentors.

Student’s Corner – September, 2012

Posted on September 27, 2012

Hi Student Members!

The ISB council had the opportunity to meet in Brisbane, Australia, immediately following the conference for International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology (ISEK) in July. We discussed many exciting plans for ISB2013 Brazil, including options for student events and student travel grants! The student grant guidelines have been updated and are due November 30th (see! There are also additional options for student members from Economically Developing Countries to apply for travel grants to ISB2013 Brazil (see Read the guidelines carefully (and email me if you have questions) because some travel grant applications require abstracts to be presented at ISB2013 Brazil by November 30th (earlier than the regular abstract submission date).

Student’s Corner – June, 2012

Posted on June 26, 2012

Hello Student Members of the International Society of Biomechanics!

I wanted to remind you of the available resources, initiatives, and upcoming events pertaining to ISB students. The September student's corner explains some of the initiatives in progress and those I would like to start with your help. While we prepare for our exciting conference in Natal, Brazil August 2013 ( the ISB council will meet at the ISEK 2012 conference in Brisbane, Australia. Now is a great time for you to let me know what you wish was available or what you think can be improved as an ISB student member so that we can discuss these suggestions during our meeting!