The International Affiliate Development Grant Program (IADG)

Posted on March 22, 2016

This ISB grant is offered to student biomechanists from low income or restricted currency countries to enable them to spend time in an approved, established biomechanics laboratory or to attend a relevant, approved training course. This travel grant is part of the objective of the ISB to benefit members by providing them with opportunities to leverage the career, learn new things, and work to establish networks. However, the IADG has been underused. This is a conclusion based in the number of student applications. ISB would be happy to see more and more students interested in the grants, as this is the purpose of the program. Students, please be aware that you all can apply for grants and take advantage of your membership to apply. Professors, please consider showing to your students the possibilities and motivate them to apply. Especially to the EDC member, I would like to say you have all the chances to be awarded, but it cannot be possible if you do not apply for the grants. The grant amount in USD 2,000 that you can use to pay flight or bus tickets, accommodation and travel costs during your visit. Please check the student grants section in the ISB website (, and if you have any questions, just send an e-mail to the persons indicated in that page.

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