ISB Fellows – call for nominations

Posted on March 27, 2017

Dear ISB members,

In 2015, the ISB executive established a Fellows category and selected 10 inaugural Fellows of the Society at its last congress in Glasgow.

We currently seek nominations (they can be self-nominated or through one of the ISB Fellows) for ISB Fellows for 2017.

Below you see the Fellow nomination criteria. Note that these criteria are the minimal criteria, while we are looking for nominations of outstanding scientists, with a long career in biomechanics and significant contributions to the ISB and the field.

If you know such an outstanding person that you think should be nominated, please send the name of that person, plus all contact information to me at the following email address by Thursday, 13th April:

Thank you,

Walter Herzog



In 2013, the ISB Council agreed to establish a Fellowship of the International Society of Biomechanics (FISB). The purpose of awarding Fellowships of the ISB is to recognize distinguished professional achievement in biomechanics.  Fellows of the ISB are encouraged to provide continued professional service and leadership to the Society, particularly to foster the activities of Early Career Researchers within the Society.



Fellowship will be awarded to members of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) who, as of 1 January in an ISB Congress year, have fulfilled the requirements for Fellowship.  The minimum requirements for an application to be reviewed are listed below.

  • Full membership in good standing of the ISB for at least 10 consecutive years, at the time of nomination, and for the duration of the Fellowship.
  • Attended at least 3 of the 5 preceding ISB Congresses
  • Published at least 20 manuscripts relating to biomechanics in international peer-reviewed journals of high repute
  • Presented (or was a senior author of) at least one paper or poster at an ISB Congress within 3 years of application
  • Demonstrated high standards of service to the ISB by being an active:
    • member of the ISB Council,
    • member of an ISB working party,
    • member of the organizing committee for an ISB Congress, or
    • member of a scientific committee for an ISB Congress
  • Evidence of having advanced the biomechanics profession in definitive ways (e.g. awards; attainment of research grants; publishing book chapters etc.)
  • Be endorsed by two ISB Fellows or ISB Council members, who will confirm in writing the applicant’s high level of competence and ethical conduct within the discipline of biomechanics.



For the first round of Fellows, the ISB President, John Challis, appointed Past-President, Professor Julie Steele, as Censor of the Fellows.  The Censor, together with the current ISB President, drafted a list of recommended candidates for the first round of ISB Fellows.  This list of recommended candidates was presented to the ISB Executive Council at their pre-Congress meeting in Glasgow in 2015.  The Fellowships, which were approved by two-thirds vote of the ISB Executive Council, were then awarded at the General Assembly held during ISB2015.



During each ISB Congress, the Fellows designate two Assessors of the Fellows, in charge of drafting a list of potential candidates (fulfilling the requirements above) for the next class of ISB Fellows. Candidate fellows can be nominated by a Fellow or can submit their application (a call will be issued in the Winter of Congress years). The list of potential candidates is submitted for discussion among the Fellows during Spring of Congress years. The Fellows establish the list of recommended candidates based on a majority vote by the Fellows.

The list of recommended candidates is submitted to the Executive Council of the ISB for their pre-Congress meeting. The Fellowships are awarded upon vote by two-thirds of the ISB Executive Council, and are then awarded at the General Assembly held during the Congress of the ISB.



ISB Fellows contribute to the service and leadership of the ISB by providing active support to various activities organized by ISB Officers, Affiliate Societies, or Technical Groups. Since their specific mission is related to the activities of Early Career Researchers within the Society, they participate actively in the Mentoring Program, as mentors, but also as intermediates between mentees and mentors.

During each Congress of the ISB, Fellows organize a specific event for early stage researchers.



2015 Class of Fellows

Maarten Bobbert Jill McNitt-Gray
   VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands    University of Southern California, USA
Ton van den Bogert Peter Milburn
   Cleveland State University, USA    Griffith University, Australia
Brian Davis, Mary Rodgers
   University of Akron, USA    University of Maryland, USA
Veronique Feipel Darren Stefanyshyn
   Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium    University of Calgary, Canada
Walter Herzog Ron Zernicke
   University of Calgary, Canada    University of Michigan, USA
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