Get in touch to contribute to EDC projects sponsored by ISB

Posted on June 17, 2016

In the last issues of ISB Now we have presented many details of the current projects and the report of advances made in EDC countries working with the ISB. In this issue our main goal is to invite you to contribute to an EDC project. All the EDC projects listed in the ISB website are eligible for further support. While financial support is most likely linked to the support of companies, there are others kinds of support that all of us can provide.

If want to learn more about how to help, please contact me. We can help you to be in touch with the project coordinator and suggest you possibilities of help. In the end, both sides will be benefited. Sometimes, spending a few hours reviewing a research project for grant application might be not a big deal for a contributor, but it will significantly help the EDC applicant when they are raising funding for research. There are many researchers across the globe that are already contributing to EDC projects, join the team!

This is all for now. We are looking forward to presenting you more information in the next ISB Now.


Felipe Carpes.

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