Grant Competition for Economically Developing Countries

Posted on March 29, 2015

Announcing the 2015 Three-Minute EDC MicroGrant Competition

Do you have an idea for a biomechanics-related project to help a local community in an Economically Developing Country (EDC)?  Do you need funding and support for it to become a reality?  Do you want to raise awareness about how biomechanics research can address needs in developing countries?


If you answered “yes” to all three questions, then we invite you to participate in our Three-Minute EDC MicroGrant Competition at the ISB2015 Congress.

About the Competition

 As part of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) EDC programme, we are dedicated to supporting international initiatives that promote research, education, and the provision of healthcare in the field of biomechanics in developing countries. Recognizing that sustainable solutions to challenges in EDCs are initiated by you - local researchers and your collaborators - this competition is intended to support your innovative ideas while raising awareness about related challenges within the ISB community.

The competition will be held at the ISB2015 Congress in Glasgow. The microgrant will be awarded to the individual or team that presents the best proposal for a project that

  • employs biomechanics to address challenges in an underrepresented community;
  • provides biomechanics training and education in EDCs;
  • fosters biomechanics growth in EDCs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do I need to be an EDC member to participate?

No, non-EDC members are encouraged to participate. However, non-EDC members must be collaborating as part of a team with an ISB-EDC member to be eligible.

  1. Do I need to be at the ISB2015 Congress to present my proposal?

While we encourage all participants to present their 3-minute proposal in person at the event, we recognize that a number of barriers - including financial - may preclude you from attending the conference. If you cannot be present at the event, there are several options that will still allow you to participate:

  • Have a team member present on your behalf;
  • Present remotely via web conferencing (e.g. Skype, Google Hangout);
  • Submit a video of your presentation that will be presented by the organizers.

Please note that the EDC team member(s) must be part of the presentation in some format!

  1. Do I need to be in an academic faculty position to participate?

No, any ISB member is eligible to participate. We highly encourage students to present their innovative ideas!

  1. What is the value of the microgrant?

Due to limitations of our current EDC budget, we are using a crowdsourcing approach to raise funds through our ISB community during the ISB2015 registration process for this initiative. All funds donated by congress registrants will go directly to winners of the 2015 Three-Minute EDC MicroGrant Competition. We anticipate the value of the microgrant to be between USD $1000 and $2000.

  1. When during the conference will the competition be held?

The competition will be part of the EDC Meet & Greet event. We encourage presenters to meet and discuss their projects with interested members of the audience and other presenters after the competition.

  1. How do I register for the competition?

Anyone who would like to present their three-minute proposal is asked to e-mail the EDC Project Officers, Andrea Hemmerich ( and Bart Koopman (, with the following information:

  • Name of project,
  • Team members, indicating EDC and non-EDC contributors,
  • Proposal abstract (maximum 100 words).

The final registration deadline will be July 3rd, 2015. However, teams are encouraged to submit their ideas by June 1st if you are interested in receiving feedback from the EDC officers (either by e-mail or Skype).

We also encourage you to share ideas on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts (#ISBiomechanics #EDCmicrogrant) in order to receive feedback from the wider ISB community.  Raising awareness for these ideas will also promote donations to the grant!

  1. What should I include in the presentation?

Your presentation should include

  • background information about the problem and context,
  • your proposal to address the issue(s) including your project plan and budget, and
  • the significance of your proposed project to communities in developing regions.

Visual aids are permitted, but not necessary. Please keep in mind that these are aids to support content and use should be limited given the 3-minute timeframe!

  1. Do I need to present in English?

Yes, due to the common language of the ISB2015 Congress, we require all proposals to be presented in English. However, applicants with less than perfect English will not be penalized, but we do encourage you to seek additional assistance before presenting.

  1. What judging criteria will be used?

Presentations will be judged on both content and engagement. A panel of judges will consider the following questions:

  • Did the presentation provide an understanding of the background to the issue being addressed and its significance?
  • Did the presentation clearly describe the key points of your proposed plan of action?
  • Is the quality of your idea and the strength of your team high enough to meet the project objectives and intended outcome?
  • Is the proposed project financially feasible? Have you proposed a sensible use of the grant money?
  • Does the proposed project align with the EDC programme and competition objectives?
  • Did your convey enthusiasm for your proposal?
  • Did visual aids enhance the presentation - were they clear, legible, and concise?
  1. When will the winner be announced?

The winner of the competition will be announced shortly after all presentations have been given, towards the end of the EDC Meet & Greet event.

  1. Are there any further responsibilities if we receive the grant?

In order to raise awareness about our ISB-EDC initiatives so that we may continue supporting innovative researchers such as yourselves, we ask that you provide a brief report describing the outcomes of your project within a year of receiving the funds. This report would be shared with the biomechanics community on our website and in the ISB Now newsletter.

  1. How could I support this initiative without participating in the competition?

There are a number of ways you can support this initiative without actually presenting a proposal.

  • Attend the EDC Meet & Greet event to cheer on the participants and inspire dialogue about their ideas after their presentations.
  • Donate to the grant through the ISB2015 congress registration page.
  • Provide constructive feedback to participants who have posted ideas on our social media pages.

If you would like to donate to the EDC microgrant, but are not attending the Congress, please e-mail the ISB-EDC Project Officers, ISB President, or ISB Treasurer.

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