EDC Workshops at ISB2015

Posted on September 30, 2014

The International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) is planning to organize various events at the XXVth ISB Congress in Glasgow, Scotland, to support researchers from Economically Developing Countries (EDCs). We are currently gauging interest in two proposed ideas:

  1. Mentoring Workshop  – The idea is to offer support in this workshop from experienced ISB members to members from Economically Developing Countries, for example to set up or give advice with regard to a research project or to assist in a grant application.
  2. Regional Conference Brainstorm – Are you interested in developing your regional network? This session would bring together EDC members who would like to organise a local a biomechanics-related conference/workshop in order to help one another develop strategies for success. EDC and non-EDC members who have coordinated such an event would be invited to this session to offer relevant advice.


Please let us know:

-        if you would like to attend such a workshop;

-        if you have ideas for specific subjects or cases; or

-        if you want to contribute by sharing your experience.


Reply to Andrea Hemmerich or Bart Koopman, ISB-EDC project officers, at or




EDC Congress Travel Grant

Please be reminded that full applications for the EDC Congress Travel Grant are due at the end of November. Detailed application instructions will be available on the ISB-EDC Information page.


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