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Posted on September 27, 2013

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President’s Blog, September 2013

Posted on September 27, 2013
John Challis

As the incoming President of the ISB this is my first blog so, to quote Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790),

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

I think I have this covered as I will spend most of this blog describing some of the activities of the ISB, which I hope you will see is worth writing about.  First I must express my thanks to the membership for entrusting me with the honor of leading the society as President.  I have been fortunate to serve on the Executive Council of the ISB under a number of Presidents including: Sandra Olney, Mary Rodgers, Brian Davis, Walter Herzog, Julie Steele, and Ton van den Bogert.  I was always impressed with their commitment to the society and industry in promoting the mission of the ISB.  These are hard acts to follow, but I will work hard on your behalf to maintain and enhance the objectives of the ISB.

Stepping down from the Executive Council after a 14-year tenure is Julie Steele.  Julie has served on the Council since 1999, and as well as being a President also served as the Secretary-General.  She has impacted the society in many ways, working tirelessly and enthusiastically on our behalf.  One important task she undertook when President was the updating and revising the codes; these codes guide how the ISB goes about its various activities.  In her time as Past-President she developed a new scheme which will impact many members of the ISB, the introduction of an ISB Fellows program.  At the next Congress we will be appointing our first batch of Fellows.  The purpose of awarding Fellowships of the ISB is to recognize distinguished achievement in biomechanics and to encourage continuing service and leadership to the society.  The expectation is that applicants will only accept a Fellowship if they are willing to remain active within the ISB upon receipt of their Fellowship.  There will be various criteria required to be appointed as a Fellow of the ISB, they include: full membership of ISB for at least 10 consecutive years, attendance at least three of the five preceding ISB Congresses and presentation of work at some of these, record of publication in international peer-reviewed journals, and demonstration of high standards of service to the ISB.  I have asked Julie to usher in the first class of Fellows, specific details will be circulated next year in time for nominations to be considered for the 2015 Congress.

EDC workshop at the ISB2013 congress in Brazil

Posted on September 27, 2013

A participatory approach to promoting biomechanics in Economically Developing Countries (EDCs)

In order to identify, address, and ultimately overcome the challenges in expanding biomechanics in EDCs, we invited ISB members who were currently or had been previously engaged in biomechanics work in developing countries to participate in an ISB-EDC Workshop during the ISB2013 Congress. By cooperatively developing capacity-building strategies, we hoped to find new opportunities to support our EDC members in their research and teaching related endeavors, and ultimately increase the impact of the ISB-EDC Program. Of the 37 ISB members who were invited to attend, eleven were able to participate in the morning event.

The time available for the workshop – 3 ½ hours – was limited considering what we wanted to achieve with participants from all over the world, many of whom had never met one another before. I felt confidant that we would realize our specific goals for the workshop, however, since these individuals has previously demonstrated their dedication to the ISB and to the promotion of biomechanics in EDCs.

Students’ Corner

Posted on September 27, 2013


Hi students! - I am so excited to have met many of you at ISB 2013, and look forward to meeting you if I haven’t gotten yet. Thank you for providing me with the incredible opportunity to represent you on the Executive Council.

Special thanks to Antonia (centre, left)  for all of her efforts these past two years. She has presented some wonderful initiatives and created fabulous student programming in Natal. She will be missed, but has pledged her time to help with some of the efforts she initiated during her term, which shows how incredibly dedicated she is to enhancing ISB student life. We are lucky to have her!


Technical Groups Update

Posted on September 27, 2013

Footwear Biomechanics Group

Report of satellite meeting held in Brazil

The International Society of Biomechanics Footwear Biomechanics Group (FBG) held their 11th biennial Footwear Biomechanics Symposium (FBS) in conjunction with the ISB Congress in Natal, Brazil from the 31 July – 2 August 2013. The symposium was organized by a group chaired by the FBG Chairperson Stefan Grau with help from Toni Arndt from Stockholm and Günther Schlee from Chemnitz. Günther’s native Portuguese helped considerably in organizing accommodation and the social program in Brazil. The FBS was held in the Rifoles Hotel with a fantastic location directly on a wonderful beach, where delegates were seen playing football, walking, swimming, surfing or just lying in deckchairs enjoying local beverages.

Despite its distant location relative to Australia, Europe and North America, the FBS attracted a very good attendance of 155 participants.

Minutes of the 2013 ISB General Assembly

Posted on September 27, 2013


Ton van den Bogert (TvdB; Chair), Toni Arndt (TA; Minute Secretary), Julie Steele (JS), John Challis (JC), Andrew Cresswell (AC), Genevieve Dumas (GD), Veronique Feipel (VF), Andrea Hemmerich (AH), Hae-Dong Lee (HDL), David Lloyd (DL), Darren Stefanyshyn (DS), Marco Vaz (MV), Antonio Veloso (AV), Antonia Zaferiou (AZ), Graeme Wood (GW; Treasurer)

Ed Chadwick (EC), Kelsey Collins (KC), Catherine Disselhorst-Klug (CDK), Bart Koopman (BK), Alberto Leardini (AL), Philip Rowe (PR)

Marko Ackermann, Kamiar Amimian, Kai-Nan An, Chris Baten, James Becker, M. Ferdinand Bergamo, Maarten Bobbert, John Borstad, Katherine Boyer, Silvia Cabral, Felipe Carpes, Federico Casolo, Erik Cattrysse, Laura Chernak Slane, Nachiappan Chockalingam, Luis Eduardo Cofré Lizama, Carols J. Cortes-Rodriguez, Ryan Crews, Emmanuel Souza da Rocha, Dirk de Clercq, Mark de Zee, Zachary Domiro, Åsa Fröberg, Augusto Gil Paswal, Wendy Gilleard, Caroline Giroux, Allison Gruber, Celina Guadagnin, Gaël Guilhem, Lan-Yuen Guo, Lanie Gutierrez Farevik, Elizabeth Hardin, Rob Herbert, Walter Herzog, Emma Hodson-Tole, Wouter Hoogkamer, David Howell, David Karpul, Peter Keir, Suzanne Konz, Berthold Krabbe, Marcos Roberto Kunzler, Lilian Lacourpaille, Mario Lamontagne, Matthew Lane Holmes, Rachel Lenhart, Li Li, Huub Maas, Lawaiyim Mansourou, Jill McNitt-Gray, Vera Moniz-Pereira, Sébastian Moya, Carmen Muller-Karger, Bridget Munro, Andrew Murphy, Roozbeh Naemi, Benno Nigg, Antoine Nordez, Matthew Pain, Andrew Phillips, John Rasmussen, Philip Riches, Mary Rodgers, Dieter Rosenbaum, Heiko Schlarb, Nicole Schrier, Sorin Siegler, Ricardo Peterson Silveira, Nicholas Tam, Chris Tys, Jaap van Dieén, Eliane Vassilios Vardaxis, Markus von Kossel, Sylvie von Werder, Sybele Williams, Chia-Chi Yang, Ron Zernicke

Please accept apologies for misspelt member names. I have done my best with the handwritten attendance list provided. Toni Arndt

ISB 2017 Congress Call for Proposals

Posted on September 27, 2013

Persons or groups interested in organizing the XXVI Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics in 2017 are invited to prepare and submit a formal proposal to the ISB Executive Council. Written proposals are due by April 1st, 2014. Like all years, the 2017 congress will be a landmark event for the ISB; bids should propose to organize an event that reflects the mission and goals of the society.

Candidates from shortlisted bids will be invited to present their proposal to the ISB Executive Council at their 2014 meeting (the date it not set yet but will be one or two days prior to the World Congress of Biomechanics meeting in Boston in July of 2014). The final decision will be made during this meeting through a vote by the Executive Council.

As President-Elect of the ISB, I will be coordinating the bidding process. If you are interested in applying, please contact me and I will be happy to provide guidance and detailed additional information on proposal preparation.

Andrew Cresswell

ISB President-Elect

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ISB Award Winners

Posted on September 27, 2013

Emerging Scientist Award:  Geoffrey Power

Field of electromyography and motor control

Sponsored by Prof Carlo DeLuca and is a monetary award of $2500

Geoffrey is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the human performance laboratory at the University of Calgary after completing his undergraduate studies at the Memorial university of Newfoundland and PhD at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. The two papers that Geoffrey submitted as part of the application for the award were:

ISB Travel Grant Reports

Posted on September 27, 2013

Stephen M. Suydam, Delaware, USA

Delaware Rehabilitation Institute, University of Delaware.

The International Society of Biomechanics XXIV Biennial Congress was a fantastic representation of the pioneer researchers of the biomechanical world as well as the up and coming researchers of both well established and economically developing countries. The intriguing opening keynote of Dr. Nicolelis was a foreshadowing of the unique talks to come. The amazing concept he introduced of bypassing the human neural drive to operate an exoskeleton was only eclipsed by the promised first kick by a paraplegic at the 2014 World Cup. The unique keynotes reached a zenith with Jim Parry bringing a new perspective to the congress with his ideas of superhumanism verses transhumanism. His defining of sport, equality of competition, and the impossibility of predicting what is going to distinguish the post-human left the delegates with a philosophical spin on the day. Another great talk included Benno Nigg speaking with great authority on a lifetime of research tying in footwear and flooring surfaces, but made no point greater than reminding researchers of the time that remains for them and what is possible to be accomplished. An additionally well-established researcher was Roberto Merletti who reiterated the importance of understanding EMG before using it as a tool. A presentation highlight was the understanding of the innervation zones locations and the impact of such to the EMG. Knowing the innervation zones allows researchers to ask a wealth of new questions about neuromuscular control in a clinical setting.

List of new members (September 2013)

Posted on September 27, 2013
First NameLast NameCountry
ChristopherErtelUnited States
KatieNorrisUnited States
YasinY. DhaherUnited States
IanWrightUnited States
DavidWhitesideUnited States
RobertWeinert-AplinUnited Kingdom
Sylvievon WerderGermany
IvanVarekaCzech Republic
RobertoUrzua Dell' AnnoChile
RyanT. CrewsUnited States
PrabhavSaraswatUnited States
MeganReissmanUnited States
JohnRebulaUnited States
EdgarRamos VieiraUnited States
Ji HyungParkKorea, Republic of
HealeeParkKorea, Republic of
SørenNørgaard SørensenDenmark
SaraNovotnyUnited States
Carlos CruzMontecinosChile
RajaMohammed Firhad Raja AzidinUnited Kingdom
EmilyFarinaUnited States
AlisonMcGregorUnited Kingdom
MeganMarie SperryUnited Kingdom
AntónioManuel de Amaral Monteiro RamosPortugal
WingKai LamChina
TeohJee ChinSingapore
VanHamme AngeleFrance
AnantharamanGopalakrishnanUnited Kingdom
Pedro AlexandreGomes Santiago de FigueiredoPortugal
Diego LeonardoGodoy OlaveChile
DanielGilroyUnited Kingdom
ThomasG SandercockUnited States
TobiasFriedemann HeßGermany
JamieFrameUnited Kingdom
StevenDavidsonUnited States
ClaireCharlotte VilletteUnited Kingdom
Young-HuiChangUnited States
KateButtonUnited Kingdom
MeganAustinUnited Kingdom
OmarAltuwaijriSaudi Arabia
ElisaA MarquesPortugal
SarahForrestUnited Kingdom
StephanieKingUnited Kingdom
LaurenceProtheroeUnited Kingdom
AdrijaSharmaUnited States
Sundeep KrishnaSiripurapuUnited States
ReubenKraftUnited States
JinBockYiKorea, Republic of
MayraCasa NovaBrazil
LonginiMtaloTanzania, United Republic of
RodrickShangaliTanzania, United Republic of
MohammadAkramiUnited Kingdom
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